Can you imagine Torch Lake without her turquoise waters?

You can make choices today to keep Torch Lake BLUE . . .


Simple Tips for a lake-friendly lifestyle
Keep Torch CLEAN!

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Enjoy Torch Lake with family and friends.
Have Fun!

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Easy lawn care habits
Keep Torch CLEAR!

Do-it-yourself garden plans to protect water quality
Keeps Torch BLUE!

Build Traditions on your Up North property. Keep the Torch LEGACY!

Torch Lake is precious … and vulnerable.

Over the past fifty years, she’s been changing at an alarming rate.

Without your help, her colors will change from blue to green.

Do you find yourself feeling …

  • Unclear about how to lead a lake-friendly lifestyle?
  • Unfamiliar with the best lawn care practices near lakes & streams?
  • Unsure about garden designs with native plants to protect water quality?
  • Uncertain how to manage your Up North property?

TORCH CONSERVATION CENTER is here to help you!

You can keep Torch Lake –

Swim in clear water

Running off the dock and jumping into the cool, refreshing waters of Torch Lake is an experience you never forget! It’s a memory you’ll cherish year round.

Drink clean water

Drinking a glass of cold water from your underground wells reminds us of the legacy left by the glaciers.

Eat safe fish

Catching your first fish in Torch Lake is a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Caring for Torch Lake is EASY!

Lists and recipes to support a lake-friendly lifestyle

Easy habits to care for your lawn

A native garden design for your Up North Landscape

A valuable strategy to manage your property

We don’t just care about Torch Lake.

We care about you!

We’re here to help you keep Torch Lake BLUE … forever!

Discover Torch Lake

Explore Water Science

We can help you care for water – the water you drink and the lake you love!

Hundreds of people are buying property in the Torch Lake Watershed every year.

Join our growing community of people who actively care for the future of Torch Lake. Protect your investment by caring for Torch Lake…TODAY!

We understand you’re confused by all of the information about what you should do to protect water quality in Torch Lake. The number of choices is overwhelming!

  • We’ve researched hundreds of sources, simplified the science, condensed & translated complex issues, so the information is easy to understand.
  • We’ve created How To Guides for lake-friendly living, lawn care and landscaping. Plus we offer Do-It-Yourself garden designs with native plants. And valuable strategies to manage your property.
  • We’ve collected local knowledge into one spot, so you can have fun exploring our watershed and learning about Torch Lake, too.

Stop agonizing and start doing what’s best to keep Torch Lake clean, clear and BLUE…FOREVER!

Help the Torch Conservation Center to conserve land and care for water in our Torch Lake Watershed.


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July 15, 2024

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Don't just wish that Torch Lake will stay blue.
Choose a water-friendly lifestyle - make a difference!

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