What is a No-Mow Zone?

A No-Mow Zone is an area between your lawn and a steam or Torch Lake, where grass and plants are allowed to grow freely without cutting. The depth from your lawn to the shore may be 5’-25’.

Without mowing, native grasses and wild flowers will begin to grow in the No-Mow Zone.

Native plants have deeper roots (12”-36”) than turf grass (3”).

Deep roots hold sediment, take up nutrients and trap toxins so these pollutants can’t reach Torch Lake or our drinking water

Photo: Torch Conservation Center

Photo: Torch Conservation Center

What are the benefits to you and our water?

  • Keeps nutrients out of Torch Lake, so algae won’t grow and change its turquoise color to green
  • Keeps geese from littering your lawn
  • Saves money on lawn and yard maintenance
  • Reduces bank and soil erosion
  • Keeps toxins out of Torch Lake, so they won’t harm fish and aquatic creatures
  • Keeps sediment out of Torch Lake so it won’t harm fish and aquatic creatures
  • Provides wildlife habitat and breeding areas for native birds, bees and butterflies
  • Provides privacy from boat traffic and neighbors

What can you do?

Step 1: Stop mowing the zone adjacent to the shore, especially where lawns and steep banks meet the lake.

The wider the No-Mow Zone the better.

An effective No-Mow Zone should span:

  • at least 50-75% of your shoreline frontage OR
  • a width of 15-50 feet, depending on the bank slope.

Step 2: Nature will do the next step.

Native plants will begin to grow in the zone

Step 3: Watch and weed.

Dig out the plants you don’t want in the No-Mow Zone.

Step 4: Add colorful native plants.

It may take a little time to adjust to the appearance of unmowed areas, but the natural beauty of your shoreline will appear along with birds, bees and butterflies.

Step 5: Take an online survey

This survey from Shoreland Stewards will determine how you protect Torch Lake with your Landscape Choices.

Photo: Torch Conservation Center



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Take the Shoreland Survey to see How your Property Protects Torch Lake.

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