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Dip your toe in the water
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Enjoy the clear waters of Torch Lake!

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June 17, 2024

What more is there to know about Torch Lake?

Swimming Safely!

Almost every year someone drowns in Torch Lake.

Prevent drowning:

  • Swim with a buddy
  • Supervise children
  • Know the depth before you dive

    Respect Cold Water

    You lose body temperature faster in cold water.

    Prevent hypothermia:

    • Check the water temperature.
    • Use caution from September – May.
      Torch Lake is COLD: 40-60° F.

    Watch the Sky

    Storms move in quickly on Torch Lake.

    Prevent death/injury:

    When you see lightning, get out of the water.

    Protect Your Feet

    The bottom of Torch Lake is rocky.
    The rocks may have sharp zebra mussels, an invasive species.

    Prevent injury:

    • Wear water shoes- So you won’t hurt or cut your feet.

    Photo: Julie Schmidt

    Limit Swimmer’s Itch

    Swimmer’s Itch can cause pumps that itch a lot!

    In Torch Lake, Swimmer’s itch occurs in late May or early June. It can persist through summer.


    Prevent the Itch:

    Before you swim:

    • Create a waterproof barrier on your skin.
      Apply sunscreen, baby oil, coconut oil or other lotion,
      then apply swimmer’s itch cream before swimming.

    Where to swim:

    • Swim offshore in deeper water.
    • Do not swim if winds are onshore.

    After you swim:

    • Rub briskly with a rough towel when you get out of the water.
    • Don’t sit around in your wet swimsuit.
    • Shower immediately when you get out of the water.
    • Scrub with brown soap (Fels Naphtha) and a rough wash cloth.
    swimmer's itch on leg

    Photo: Center for Disease Control

    Follow the Law

    Torch Lake is a public inland lake- shared by all of us.

    • The shore has public access sites,
      but most of the shore is privately owned.
    • Waterfront owners own the bottomlands.
    • Stay within public access boundaries.
    • Pack out your trash AND pet waste.
    • Leash your dog.

    Photo: Laura Pace

    Best Swimming Beaches on Torch Lake

    These Public Beaches and bathrooms are maintained by local townships.  These beaches have toilet facilities.

    • Follow posted rules.
    North of Clam RiverSouth of Clam River
    DNR Boat Launch-Eastport (1)Valleau Landing-Alden (2)
    William Good Day Park-Torch Lake Village (7)Depot Park-Alden (3)
    Ball Park-Alden (4)
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    Free Printables

    Swimming Beaches Map (.pdf)

    Public Access Sites Map (.pdf)

    You Care

    We love when you visit Torch Lake.
    Visit responsibly and sustainably.

    We all share Torch Lake.

    • Respect the neighbors’ private property adjacent to public accesses.
    • Use public restrooms not the lake.


    More information on Swimmer’s Itch

    E. coli is a bacteria used as an indicator for fecal pollution. Click below for latest test results.

    Beach Sample Sites
    Eastport-MDNR Boat Launch
    Torch Lake Village-William Good Day Park
    Torch River-MDNR Boat Launch

    Don't just wish that Torch Lake will stay blue.
    Choose a water-friendly lifestyle - make a difference!