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Having Fun!

Tube behind your boat 
Rent a pontoon… 
Launch a jet ski… 
Enjoy the blue waters of Torch Lake!

Boating Safely!

Plan Ahead

Torch Lake is huge!
Look at a map & plan your route.
Out on the water is 15 °F colder than being on shore.
Prevent having an unhappy, cold crew.

  • Bring jackets, towels and blankets.

Pay Attention!

There are many boats with inexperienced captains.
Prevent boat accidents:

  • Watch out for other boats and watercraft.
  • Stay far away from skiers and tubers.

Watch the Sky

Storms move in quickly on Torch Lake.
Prevent accidents:

  • When you see dark clouds or lightning, go to a safe harbor:
    SOUTH: Torch River, Alden Harbor or Clam River
    NORTH: Torch Lake Village

Follow the Law

Torch Lake is patrolled by Antrim and Kalkaska County marine officers.

Be Prepared

Carry boat registration and boating certificates.
Prevent getting a ticket:

  • Registration- Must display current sticker on boat.
  • Boater Safety Card- Born after July 1, 1996.
    Must carry a card.
  • Boater Safety Card- Ages 14-15.
    Must carry a card AND be with an adult.
    Click here for the online boating safety course for certification:

Buckle Up…in a Life Jacket

A life jacket can save your life!.
Prevent drownings:

  • Children Under 6- Must wear life jacket when boat is moving.
    Arm bands/puffy arms are not safe or legal life jackets.
  • Each passenger must have a life jacket.

Rules on the Water

Prevent boating accidents:

  • Don’t sit or stand on the bow unless it is designed with seats.
  • Drink responsibly. Stay below the blood alcohol limit .08.
    If ticketed with a DUI, it will go on your driving record.
  • Go slow in NO WAKE ZONES.
    In rivers, marinas and within 100 ft of shore.
  • Sailboats and non-motorized vessels have the right-of-way.
  • Boats & Personal Water Craft (PWC) must stay 100 ft from a person in the water, other boats, dock or raft unless going slow no wake.
  • NO U turns in Clam & Torch Rivers.
    Go down the river until it widens, then turn around.
    Clam River flows INTO Torch Lake.
    Torch River flows OUT OF Torch Lake.

For Skiing, Wake Boarding & Tubing-

  • Every person being towed must wear a life jacket.
  • Boats towing a person must have a designated observer in addition to the driver
  • When towing, stay 100 ft from shore, anchored vessels, docks, rafts and swimmers.
  • Do not tow before sunrise or after sunset.

For PWCs-
Need to operate:

  • Boater Safety Card if born after December 31, 1978.
  • Must be at least 14 years old with Boating Safety Card and if younger than 16 years must also be in the presence of a parent or guardian.
  • Every person riding a PWC must wear life jacket.

When on the water:

  • Stay 100 ft from dock, raft, swimmers and shore unless going slow no wake speed.
  • Do not cross within 150 feet behind another boat moving faster than no wake speed.
  • Do not operate PWC before 8 AM or after sunset.

Photo: Scarab Jet Boat

In case of an accident:
Dial 911

For Antrim or Kalkaska Sheriff Marine Patrol, Fire or Ambulance

Protect Torch Lake

Non-native species can damage Torch Lake.
Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species:

  • BEFORE launching, Clean, Drain & Dry your boat and trailer.
  • Place unused bait in the trash, NOT the lake.
  • Remove mud, plants & water that may harbor invasive species.

Protect our Loons

Loons are threatened species and protected in Michigan.
Prevent loon deaths:

  • Slow down and keep a distance of 50-100 feet
  • If you hear them call, you are too close. Back away.

Best Boat Launches on Torch Lake

Public boat launches are maintained by local townships and the Department of Natural Resources.

  • Fees may apply.
  • Be courteous and patient.
  • Respect adjacent private property.

North of Clam River

  • MDNR Boat Launch- Eastport
  • William Good Day Park- Torch Lake Township Park

South of Clam River

  • MDNR Boat Launch- Torch River
  • Alden Harbor

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Public Boat Launches Map (.pdf)

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Where to Go

Swimming from Your Boat

  • Anchor at public access sites.
    Look for orange signs on the
  • Anchor 100 ft from private docks &
  • Anchor in deeper water away from
    obstacles to protect your propellor.
  • Drift in deep water to avoid
    swimmer’s itch.
  • No mooring overnight.

Torch Lake Boating Trail

  • Cruise the lake.
  • Enjoy landscape.
  • Check out the cottages

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Public Access Map (.pdf)

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Torch Lake Boating Trail Map (.pdf)

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You Care

We know you want to enjoy the lake for many years (and generations) to come. So, we’ve put together a list of simple steps you can take to reduce the nutrients, sediments and toxins flowing into the lake and its streams.

Care for the Lake You Love

  • Take your trash home with you, including pet waste.
  • Use public restrooms. Torch lake is not a toilet.
  • Use marina pump- out facilities for toilet waste.
  • Clean your boat while in trailer, not in the lake.
    Use phosphate-free, biodegradable cleaning products.

Respect Others

  • Sound travels farther over water- turn down volume.
  • Raft boats further offshore.
  • Natural shoreline is private property. Don’t trespass.

Don't just wish that Torch Lake will stay blue.
Choose a water-friendly lifestyle - make a difference!