11 Adventures Before You Turn 11

. . . or even after!

  1. Paddle on Torch Lake.
    Jump in a kayak, a canoe, or on a paddleboard and get some watery exercise.
    Don’t forget your life jacket!
  2. Hike the Coy Mountain Trail.
    Hug a beech tree in the forest located a couple of blocks from downtown Alden.
    Take a yummy snick-snack!
  3. Hunt for Petoskey Stones.
    Try one of the public beaches or Access Sites.
    You can polish your rock & even name it!
  4. Go Fish.
    Think perch, bass, bluegills…no whales allowed.
    Try worms, bread, cheese or any nice fancy bait a grown up gives you!
  5. Jump in the Lake.
    Go wading, go swimming…just get in the Lake!
    Best done with friends and family.
  6. Pack a Picnic.
    You can eat in your backyard or go to the Depot Park.
    Explore the Historical Museum after lunch.
  7. Swing in a hammock.
    Take a nap…read a book…listen to the birds.
    A good place for lemonade and a cookie.
  8. Click, click, click.
    Get a camera and take some pictures.
  9. Find a Farm Stand.
    Think fruits & veggies. Think homemade jam, pies, and cookies.
    It’s even better if you get to pick your own food!
  10. Roast a hotdog…or better yet a marshmallow.
    All you need is a campfire and a stick!
    You’ll need help from a grown up for this one.
  11. Play a Rainy Day game.
    If you can’t go outside because it’s raining…
    Find a good game to play…think card games or board games.
    Brownies make good prizes for everyone!

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Don't just wish that Torch Lake will stay blue.
Choose a water-friendly lifestyle - make a difference!