By the Numbers

Everything you always wanted to know about the Torch Lake Watershed but were afraid to ask.

 8000 BC

Year when the last glacier left Michigan

A mixture of glacial sand, clay and gravel still extends more than a mile below the surface.


Square miles

The area covered by the Torch Lake Watershed. Equal to 25,455 acres. 62% is land and 38% is water.


Parcels located in the Torch Lake Watershed

Less than one-third are located on a body of water.

40% are year-round homes.


Tributary streams

Flow into Torch Lake. Most of the water comes from Clam River. Spencer Creek, A-Ga-Ming Creek, Wilkinson Creek and Eastport Creek are also part of our watershed.

40% are year-round homes.


Gallons of water held by Torch Lake

About 0.78 cubic miles (a block of water – ¾ mile x ¾ mile x ¾ mile). Our lake holds more water than any other inland lake in Michigan. It contains one-third of all of the water held by all of the inland lakes in our state.



The deepest point of Torch Lake is north of the outflow of Clam River. Torch Lake is the deepest inland lake in Michigan with an average depth of 142 feet. Deeper than Lake Erie.



About one-third of the 41 miles of Torch Lake shoreline is still in a natural condition. 66% is landscaped or has been altered with buildings.



One person can protect Torch Lake. Will you be the one to make a difference?

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