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TRUE BLUE hiking

Having Fun!

Hunt for wildflowers and fungi-
Listen to bird songs-
Breathe in the crisp, clean air-
Enjoy the trees along the trail!

Photo: Torch Conservation Center


Hike Safely!

Prevent hiking mishaps.

Plan Ahead

Cell phone reception is spotty in the watershed.

Before you go:

  • Check the weather before you set out.
  • Share your hiking plans with family and friends.
  • Bring a buddy, water, food, sunscreen, bug spray, hat and first aid kit.

At the Trailhead

  • Pull up the trail map or snap a photo of it.
  • Wear hunter orange during the hunting season: SEP-DEC
  • Prepare to share the trail with other hikers and mountain bikers.

After your hike:

  • Check for ticks on you, your buddy and your dog!
Photo: Torch Conservation Center


Follow the Law

Generous individuals, local governments and the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy have worked together to conserve these natural places.

Treasure and Care for them.

  • Trails are open dawn to dusk.
  • Stay on the trail.
  • Dogs must be leashed!
  • Observe Hunting Regulations.

MDNR Hunting Seasons and Regulations 

    Photo: Torch Conservation Center

    In case of an accident:

    Dial 911

    For Sheriff, Fire or Ambulance

    Best Hiking Trails in Torch Lake Area

    • Trails are maintained by Antrim County, local townships, Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy and Friends of Glacial Hills.
    • Unlike the southern section of Michigan, the topography here has some steep hills.
      Hiking AreaTrail DescriptionsHunting AllowedComments
      Grass River Natural Area (4)

      Difficulty: Easy & flat
      7.0 miles of trailsNot allowed in Education Area- See Natural Area map• Dogs must be leashed allowed on 2 trails only.
      • American Disabilities Act (ADA) Trail
      • Bikes allowed on 1 trail.
      • Education Center
      Glacial HIlls Pathway and Natural Area (7)

      Difficulty: Moderate with easy options
      31.5 miles of trailsAllowed• Dogs must be leashed.
      • Bikes allowed.
      Maplehurst Natural Area (12)

      Difficulty: Moderate with easy options
      5.5 miles of trailsNot Allowed• Dogs must be leashed.
      • 60 acre upland lake
      • No motorized vessels.
      • Carry or wheel kayaks, canoes ¼ mile to lake.
      Antrim Creek Natural Area (1)

      Difficulty: Easy & mostly flat
      2.1 miles of trailsAllowed• Dogs must be leashed.
      • One mile of Grand Traverse Bay Shoreline
      Coy Mountain (8)

      Difficulty: Moderate with easy option
      I.0 mile of trailsNot Allowed• Dogs must be leashed.
      • No bikes.
      TB Hiking map

      You Care

      We love when you visit Torch Lake.
      Visit responsibly and sustainably.

      Leave the trail cleaner than you found it.

      • Pick up after your dog.
      • Pack out your trash and any trash found along the trail.
      • Take photos not flowers, so others can enjoy the beauty.


        Take classes to learn more about the glacial lake ecosystem at Grass River Natural Area.

        Join Friends of Glacial Hills

        Volunteer with a Trail Team at Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

        Don't just wish that Torch Lake will stay blue.
        Choose a water-friendly lifestyle - make a difference!