Dispose of Hazardous Waste on Collection Days

Many commonly used items contain hazardous materials.

Batteries, fluorescent bulbs, oil-based paints and auto fluids need to be collected and disposed of properly, so their toxic chemicals do not pollute our water.

Pouring toxic chemicals down a drain can contaminate your drinking water and Torch Lake.

Your septic system cannot break down toxic chemicals.

Toxic chemicals travel with wastewater to your septic drainfield.

Then, it sinks down through our sandy soil to the groundwater.

Groundwater feeds your private well and Torch Lake through cold springs.

Toxins poured directly on your land sink down to your drinking water and Torch Lake.

Many common cleaning problems in your home and pests in your garden can be addressed with natural products rather than toxic chemicals.

If you choose toxics, please dispose of them properly.

Free Printable

Household Hazardous Waste (.pdf)

What are the benefits to you and our water?

  • Keeps drinking water safe from toxins
  • Keeps toxins out of Torch Lake so they won’t harm fish and aquatic creatures

What can you do?

Step 1: Collect your Hazardous Waste in a box in the garage throughout the year.

Home and Garden

aerosol cans
light bulbs
poisons (ant, insect, mice, etc.)


aerosol cans
fluorescent light bulbs
auto & boat batteries
oil based paint
auto fluids
pool chemicals
propane tanks

Step 2: Take your box to an Antrim County and Kalkaska County Hazardous Waste Collection Days.

Your first 30 pounds are free. All pesticides and herbicides are free.

Print a list of accepted items:

Household Hazardous Waste (.pdf)

Schedule of Hazardous Waste Collection Days 2024

Call the Antrim Conservation District with questions: (231) 533–8363.

3 Saturdays at 3 different locations in Antrim County:

June 29, 2024
Elk Rapids DPW Station
117 Lake St., Elk Rapids, MI 49629

July 20, 2024
Bellaire High School Parking Lot
204 W Forest Home Ave, Bellaire, MI 49615

August 31, 2024
Antrim County Road Commission
319 East Lincoln St., Mancelona, MI 49659

Call the Kalkaska Conservation District with questions (231) 258-3307.

1 Saturday for Kalkaska County Residents (bring proof of residency)

July 27, 2024
9am- 1pm
Kalkaska Middle School

Call for an Appointment after June 15, 2024

Step 3. Dispose of Non-Accepted Hazardous Items properly.

Items NOT Accepted Proper Location or Contact Number
Explosives & Radioactive itemsCall 911
Ammunitions & FirearmsCall the Michigan State Police in Gaylord.
(989) 705–3800
Reusable building materials, gently used furniture & reusable appliancesCall Habitat for Humanity in Mancelona
(231) 587–1498
FireworksSoak in water and place in the trash
TiresAccepted at Hazardous Collection Days
Latex Paints Open latex paint cans and let them dry out and place in weekly trash
Medicines and Medical WasteDispose of Medicines at Local Pharmacies


More information is available from the Antrim Conservation District.

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