Art for the sake of the lake!

TRUE BLUE Gallery Open for 7th Season

Summer Hours
Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend
10 am-5pm

Fall Hours
September 8, 2023 – October 14, 2023

Our artists celebrate Torch Lake’s heritage.

Our beautiful surroundings inspire pottery, paintings, woodenware and jewelry.

Find art for your home: vases, plates, bowls and lamps.

We have gifts and cards for all occasions.

The artisans donate a portion of the proceeds to our conservation programs.

9046 Helena Road

Downtown Alden, MI

Still featuring watershed-inspired art and tips on how to CARE FOR TORCH.

TORCH Conservation Center

Do you have a question about Torch Lake?

Do you have a story to tell about Torch Lake?

Do you want to find out how you can care for Torch Lake?

Our displays and free materials show you how easy it is to make water-friendly choices.


Do you want to help Torch Lake?

Have a few hours to spare? Help staff the Gallery from Tuesday- Saturday.

Do you like working with others? Help with mailings and other small projects.

Interested in volunteering?

[email protected]

True Blue Gallery Alden, MI

2023 Featured Artists

Lewis Adams
Shawn Allen
Kathy Amerman
Suzanne Andrecht
KC Babb
Ruth Bloomer
Carol Buteau
Marilyn Ciszewski
Paula Cordes
Patty Clark
Tom Clark
Dani Knoph Davis
Ilona Davidov
Bonnie Drick
Christie Dreese
Jane Falion
Rosemarie Franco-Bell
Monica Gasper
Scott Gelander
Tori Gosnell
Mary Guntzviller
Samantha Hall
Mary Haley
Camille Hamilton-Oliver
Lisa Hebb
Heather Higham

Susan Howard
Sharon Hubbard
Theresa Hubbard
Julie Hurd
Courtney Kent
Jeff Krino
Lisa Lirones
Ralph Mallory
Theresa McGill
Stacy McKellip
Wendy McWhorter
Debbie Northrup
Robin Rich
Denise Smychynsky
Beth & James Manning
Eli Swartzendruber
Malayna Swartzendruber
Melissa Swartzendruber
Jane Theobald
Karen Tomlinson
Cathy VanLeit
Barb Van Pelt
Sherry Westenbroek
Bev Wehr
Jen Wright

Visit the TRUE BLUE Gallery

True Blue Gallery Alden, MI

Open for 7th Season
Fall Hours
Season closing day October 14, 2023

9046 Helena Road
Downtown Alden, MI

Don't just wish that Torch Lake will stay blue.
Choose a water-friendly lifestyle - make a difference!